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We’ve Been There…

The ability to work with your spouse is a huge blessing! Being able to set your own schedule, be together all the time, it can literally be a dream for most spouses!

But in most cases, as you begin working together without any rhythms, boundaries and habits, things start to turn.

All your conversations are about the business. You or your spouse are working late hours of the night. You are missing meals together. You cannot find time to rest and enjoy time together or with others. You just can’t get in sync.

Before you know it, your business has take over your marriage.  You have become business partners who live together.

This is very common problem for spouses who work together. With the right practices, it can be fixed!

Our Working Better Together membership solves this problem by bringing a community of other spouses together and implementing proven rhythms, boundaries and habits to avoid letting your business take over your marriage.


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