Meet Cody & Jacqueline

We put Jesus first and everything else just seemed to work out, just as he promises.

Our Vibe

Here are some fun facts about us…

we put jesus first
worked together since we met
we work from rest, not for rest
we love people
we are debt free
own multiple online businesses
Cody is an avid golfer
Jacqueline loves to cook

We live a blessed life now.  But it hasn’t always been this way. We’ve overcome a lot of obstacles, all while trying to navigate marriage and running a business together…

We’ve been so broke, we couldn’t pay rent.

We moved 3 times in our first year of marriage.

We had our hot water shut off for 2 months.

We had to overcome the obstacle of finances

While trying to run a business together.

At first, we didn’t think we’d make it.

But we were determined and slowly found practices to help.

Fast forward to now, we made it and now show other spouses how to overcome the same obstacles we did.

You have your own story of working together and we want to help.

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The point of sharing all that is this…

No matter what obstacles you and your spouse are facing while running a business together, your marriage and business can THRIVE.

We’ve done it and we’ve helped others do it too!

You’re building you own unique story of being married and running a business together.

We (along with our community of others just like you) can help guide you!

Your Marriage and Business can THRIVE!

LivePrayWorkSleepEatCommunicate Better Together

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